Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 14 - The Grand Finale

All good things must come to an end and today would be my last day in Berlin. Our day would be laid back and relaxing and would be a grand finale to my entire vacation.

Breakfast was at 9 at Gerhard's apartment and then we decided to take one last walk around Marzahn, through the parks and the market area and back to the apartments. For a fall day, it was lovely - not too hot and not too cold, not windy and just comfortable.

We returned to Gerhard's apartment and had more genealogy talk and viewing of more photos. Gerhard has a never ending supply of photos, videos and DVD's and they are all professional and interesting.

Dinner at 2 was at Uschi and Harald's where Uschi had made a special dish for me.....none other than wiener schnitzel! I was trying to remember and I believe it was my 5th time having wiener schnitzel and this time was the best, of course, as it was homemade. We had a leisurely dinner with talking and then relaxed.

In the late afternoon, Uschi, Gerhard and myself, as well as Kira, drove to Oliver & Mandy's apartment where we had been invited to visit. This was a lovely apartment, on the 5th floor of the building (more climbing of steps) where we visited and had a lovely coffee, tea and dessert time. As newlyweds, Oli & Mandy had lovely items in their apartment, one of which was a beautiful tea set that Mandy's grandmother had given them as a wedding gift.

Following our treats we sat in their living room and viewed a video tape that Gerhard had made in 2000 after his return to Germany from their visit to us in Michigan. This video was wonderful and, again, I asked Gerhard if he had an English version which drew laughs from the group. He did, however, have more copies of this video and when we returned to the apartments, Gerhard burned a copy for me. I would be going home with several different DVD's that contained movies that Gerhard had made over the years.

We returned to our apartments around 10 p.m. and I went back to my apartment to pack and get some sleep before an early morning flight the next day.

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