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From Whence I Came...Emilie Auguste Christina Schluessler

Emilie Auguste Christina Schluessler (known as Amelia) was born November 25, 1876 in Sterling Township, Macomb County, Michigan to William Schluessler and Emilie Werner (aka Emilie Schauer). She would one day become my paternal great-grandmother, mother of my grandmother, Ella Wellhausen Schulte. Amelia was the 5th and final child of William and Emilie Schluessler, however, hers was a special birth in that she appeared with a twin brother, Albert.

She would be the only great-grandparent that I actually knew as she did not pass away until I was 16 and I remember her well.

On December 3, 1876, Amelia was baptized in the Lutheran faith at St. John's Lutheran Church in Fraser, MI.

I don't have much information about her childhood or school years but I do have a photo of my great-grandmother in a school play. This photo was a tin type and scanned very well. The young man with her in the boat is unknown. Despite knowing my great-grandmother, I naturally knew her as an elderly person, and seeing her as a young girl was very interesting.

Amelia Schluessler in school play
ca 1890

On February 14, 1895, again at St. John's Lutheran Church in Fraser, Amelia married George Wellhausen. They had a wedding party of 3 couples and began their married life in Sterling Township, later moving to Utica, MI.

George and Amelia had two daughters - Gertrude and my grandmother, Ella, followed 10 years after Ella's birth by a son, George, Jr.

4 Generations
Ella Wellhausen Schulte holding son, Melbourne Schulte
William Schluessler and daughter, Amelia Schluessler Wellhausen
ca 1921

Mother and Daughter
Amelia Wellhausen &
Ella Schulte
ca 1925

George & Amelia Wellhausen with
grandson, Lynwood Wellhausen
ca 1935

While Amelia's husband, George, passed away in 1938 at a young age, she continued to live in Utica and later lived with her daughter, Gertrude
. She was very social and enjoyed being with friends and family, though one of her favorite things to do was to visit the cemetery where her husband was buried and sit and eat lunch there. Hmm, sounds spooky to me but it was known far and wide that "Great Grandma loved to go sit in the cemetery". Too bad she didn't utilize that time in the cemetery for genealogy research which she could have documented and shared with her great-granddaughter!

Amelia Wellhausen with adult children
Gertrude Kolberg, George Wellhausen, Jr. and
Ella Schulte
ca 1942

Amelia Wellhausen
as I remember her
ca 1950

Amelia Wellhausen with adult children
George Wellhausen, Jr., Gertrude Kolberg and
Ella Schulte
ca 1955

On May 25, 1963 in St. Clair Shores, MI, Amelia Wellhausen passed away at the age of 86 and was buried with her husband, George, in Utica Cemetery, Utica, MI.

While I can't say that she was any more of a loving grandmother than her daughter, Ella, was, she was always pleasant, smiled and never uttered a nasty comment about anyone. She had a good life, financial security and her grandchildren gave her pleasure. One could not ask for more.

Above photos from personal collection of Cheryl Schulte

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