Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Family Kolberg/Colberg, Part Five


What could be more exciting than making a connection with a distant cousin in the homeland of my ancestors? It would be the enormous amount of records and information that were garnered through the relationship with the cousin from Hanover that I discussed in Part Four of this series. This cousin had spent a great number of years tracing our mutual Colberg family and had made trips to the ancestral homeland of Groß Tuchen and Klein Tuchen long before travel to the former "East" was commonplace. She had come away from those visits with numerous records that she had meticulously copied from the church books there.

Now, years later in 1982, she made the connection with me and graciously shared this data as well. Our correspondence was on a magic track as I would write a letter to her in Hanover and she would counter with a response immediately upon receiving my letter. Our letters flowed back and forth consistently and I could depend on receiving a letter from her every 2 weeks. Each packet that would arrive contained not only a letter but copies of numerous records and much information. I contributed with data on the 5 Kolberg brothers who had immigrated to America and we were both pleased with the shared information.

From the information that I received from this cousin I was able to extend my knowledge on my Kolberg family back 3 more generations from what I had discovered on this side of the ocean. My ancestry is as follows:

Jakob Colberg, born ca 1737, married to Dorothea Schlutt who was born ca 1737. Jakob died ca 1807 while Dorothea died ca 1808 in Pyaschen (Franzwalde), Bütow, Pommern. They were my 5th great-grandparents. Their son...

Martin Colberg, born ca 1757 in Pyaschen (Franzwalde), Bütow, Pommern. He married on November 12, 1777 in Pyaschen to Catharina Schlutt who had been born ca 1757. Martin died on July 28, 1820 and Catharina died on April 11, 1818 in Pyaschen. They were my 4th great-grandparents. Their son...

Johann Jakob Colberg, born March 30, 1779 in Pyaschen. He married on November 28, 1814 in Groß Tuchen to Katharina Pliske who had been born on December 10, 1792 in Klein Tuchen. Johann Jakob died on May 22, 1862 in Klein Tuchen and was buried on May 25, 1862 also in Klein Tuchen. Katharina had died on March 29, 1854 in Klein Tuchen and was buried on April 1, 1854 in Klein Tuchen. They were my 3rd great-grandparents. Their son...

Friedrich Wilhelm Colberg, born August 18, 1821 in Klein Tuchen. He married on April 5, 1850 in Groß Tuchen to Henriette Amalie Kautz who had been born on December 25, 1832 in Klein Tuchen. Friedrich Wilhelm died on April 15, 1900 in Klein Tuchen and Henriette Amalie died on June 21, 1908 in Klein Tuchen. They were my 2nd great-grandparents. Their son...

August Gottlieb Kolberg, born November 24, 1854 in Klein Tuchen. He married on October 4, 1878, in Groß Tuchen to Bertha Kramp who had been born on July 26, 1860 in Born Tuchen. August died on April 24, 1920 in Lincoln Township, Michigan and was buried in City Cemetery, St. Joseph, Michigan. Bertha died on February 26, 1915 in Kalamazoo, Michigan and was buried as well in City Cemetery, St. Joseph, Michigan. They were my great-grandparents.

I was very excited to receive this data, along with copies of documents from the church (now) in Poland that my cousin shared with me. From the beginning of my research, and with only the knowledge of my great-grandparents' names, I had now gone back 4 more generations on my Kolberg family. I had also learned parentage on the female lines of these 4 generations as well and had added several more surnames to my list of ancestors.

In addition to the above data, this cousin from Hanover offered me the mailing address of the Catholic Church in Tuchomie where the church books from the former Groß Tuchen were housed. What had once been Evangelical German communities known as Groß Tuchen and Klein Tuchen were now Catholic Polish communities with new names as well which were Tuchomie and Tuchomko. My cousin suggested that I should try writing to the priest in Tuchomie to see what information I could obtain. She was aware that the priests assigned to that small parish changed frequently and she was hoping that a new priest was now in charge and would share more data than what she had personally been able to obtain.

Coming next...Part Six...Connecting with Groß Tuchen.

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