Monday, January 10, 2011

The 2010 iGene Awards for Two Sides of the Ocean

The COG 102nd edition topic has been named by Jasia and is "The 2010 iGene Awards". I have never participated in an iGene Awards topic and thought it would be interesting to see what I could come up with. Impacting my choices involves the fact that I only posted 17 times in 2010. Come along with me to see what I can contribute....

Best Picture - What was the best old photo that appeared on my blog in 2010?

For this category, I chose the photo of Thomas & Ida Padgett from approximately 1888 that I posted with the topic "Whose Mother Are You?" on Mother's Day, 2010. This portrait came to me via my friend, Karen, who had rescued it along with its old frame from an estate sale. She had intended to remove the portrait, discard it and sell the frame at her antique booth. She was only too glad to pass it along to me instead when I expressed dismay that a lovely old portrait would be destroyed. Not only did I rescue the portrait but I researched the people in the photo, contacted their great-granddaughter who had sold the portrait and did some extensive research on the lives of Thomas & Ida. It was a most rewarding journey.

Best Screen Play - Which family story from 2010 would make the best movie? Who would I cast as my family members?

Best Comedy - Which was the best funny story that I wrote in 2010?

My screen play would be a comedy and would involve my post on "There's One In Every Family...The Jokester" which appeared on November 28, 2010. This post told the humorous antics of my uncle and godfather, Melbourne Schulte, along with photos of his various hi-jinks and hilarity. The main characters in this comedy would be my uncle and I feel that James Garner would be an appropriate actor to portray him. Why? Because James Garner is my favorite actor of that age range, he is darned good looking still and I especially liked his comic antics in such movies as "Move Over Darling" and "The Thrill of It All", both movies with Doris Day.

To portray my aunt in the movie, the woman who was willing to get married on the start of hunting season in Michigan, willing (?) to spend her honeymoon at a hunting cabin while her bridegroom went hunting, who was willing to put up with anniversaries with her husband off hunting and who has just celebrated her 69th anniversary with her husband would be Peggy McCay as she is one of my favorite actresses of that age range, she has played a long suffering wife on "Days of our Lives" and she has the wit and backbone to laugh at her circumstances but also show some toughness in putting her man in place from time to time.

Best Biography - What was the best biographical article I wrote in 2010?

My submission for best biographical article would be my post on "Religious Rites in my Family" which was posted on November 1, 2010. In this post, I detailed extensively the various confirmations in my family, with one baptism, complete with photos and details on the religion that the majority of my family have participated in.

Best Documentary - Which was the best informational article I wrote involving my family's history in 2010?

Saving the "best for the last" in my humble opinion would be my 9 part series on "The Family Kolberg/Colberg". This series covered a time span of 25+ years of my research on the history of my Kolberg family from Klein Tuchen, Kreis Bütow, Pommern and my efforts on tracing the 7 sons of my great-great grandparents, Friedrich-Wilhelm Colberg and his wife, Henriette Amalie Kautz. In this series I cross the ocean to Germany, discover a fellow genealogical cousin there and together we combine our efforts to reach success on tracing 6 of the 7 Colberg/Kolberg brothers. This would be my favorite post of all time from my blog and definitely my favorite from 2010.

I hope all my readers enjoy my selections for my 2010 iGene awards and come along for the ride.


Judy said...

You have a pretty good batch of awards for 17 posts. Imagine how much you'll have to choose from next year.

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Judy. You were quick to read this; had just posted it and there was your comment.

Nancy said...

Wow, you did a great job with just 17 posts! Did you write your posts with the iGene Awards in mind? ;-)

Cheryl said...

No, Nancy, I didn't even really know about the iGene awards before but thanks for the comments.

Linda Gartz said...

Hi Cheryl,
I'm really impressed with your winners. I love the Padgett photo you rescued. What a sleuthing job to get that into the right hands. I have 3 oval, hand-colored photos (I've learned they're called "crayon drawings" -- not wax -- but pastels, and 2 are now included in a 100-photo family history wall up my staircase. They are a treasure.
The comedy -- with tongues out and all sorts of shenanigans were delightful (my guess you're old Detroit neighborhood with the Rialto had a sad demise as my West Side Chgo hood did)

Bio: my father's parents were German Lutherans from Transylvania. I got a LOT of info from the Ev Lutheran churches there. You might be interested in dropping by my site as you may enjoy all the 100-year old letters, postcards and diaries that bring an era and real people to life.
Good advice on the Doc side. I have 24 bankers boxes of info! overwhelming at times. Congrats on your winners. Beautiful photos and site!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for your comments, Linda.