Monday, November 14, 2016

A Genealogy Challenge

Here I am - just 3 years after my last post.  I'm sure all of my multitudes of readers have been wondering why there have been no continuing posts to this blog.

Well in reality there is probably just ONE reader to my blog (right cousin, TK?) but she has recently gently chastised me for my lack of posting and she has issued me a challenge.

Challenge - "Let's each take 5 genealogy items per day that need computerizing - photos, documents, etc and scan, save, post as necessary.  If we do this, then in 5 days we would have 25 items computerized".

Sure that sounds easy enough and I will say that this morning by 10 am she had already done her 5 items.  I must add, though, in my defense that she does get up by 5:30 in the morning and she, therefore, has a large head start on me.

But I will give this a good try and have a post ready for publishing on my Schulte line.  Watch for it!

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1 comment:

TK said...

You go, girl! :-)