Friday, December 16, 2016

A Shared December 16th Birthday.....

...from Grandmother - to Granddaughter - to Granddaughter...

Genealogy is much more than a compilation of names and dates and places.  While those facts are very important, adding a human touch to the lives of those researched makes the search all the more interesting - for the genealogist and the readers.

Today is December 16th.  This would be the 176th birthday of my 2nd great-grandmother, Emilie Friederike Rott, who was born December 16, 1840 in Borntuchen, Kreis Bütow, Pommern.   

During the years of my research I easily found Emilie's birthdate from US records but recently was able to find her actual birth record due to the release of church book records from Borntuchen.  This record, as shown below, was proof positive of Emilie's birth, listing her parents and sponsors as well.  It was a welcome piece of data for my research.
Birth Record of Emilie Friederike Rott
December 16, 1840
Borntuchen, Kreis Bütow, Pommern, Germany

Emilie was to marry Albert Ludwig Kramp and she gave birth to 11 children before she immigrated to the US where she settled in Berrien County, Michigan.  Her children were all to immigrate as well - some of the older children immigrated first and Emilie followed with her younger children following the death of her husband, Albert.
Ernst & Emilie (Rott Kramp) Zorr
Emilie's second husband
Stevensville, Michigan, ca 1910

Emilie's oldest son was Robert Ernst Kramp.  He and his wife were to have several children and their daughter, Agnes Friederike Kramp, was born on her grandmother, Emilie's, birthday of December 16, 1890.

Today I was reminded of this birthday of Agnes in a very special way.  My own grandmother had what was called a "birthday book".  When she received the book in the early 1940's she had her friends and family members write their names and year of birth in the book on the specific date of their birthday.  This last year I have been looking at that book each day, noting whose birthday was listed for each day.  Today when I looked at the book I saw that Agnes had written her name and year of birth in her own hand and I was reminded that this date was also her grandmother Emilie's birthday and marveled at the coincidence.
Entry made by Agnes Kramp Kolberg
in birthday book of
Ella Kolberg Kijak

Agnes certainly knew her grandmother, Emilie, as they lived in the same small area of Berrien County and perhaps they often discussed that they shared the same birthday. It would also appear that they shared the same middle name perhaps making Agnes one of Emilie's favorites of her many grandchildren.  Agnes was 31 when her grandmother, Emilie, passed away so it is very likely that they shared many visits together.
Agnes Kramp Kolberg
Stevensville, Michigan

Now a grandmother and granddaughter sharing a birthday is unique but this story is not done.  

As a Facebook follower I noted today that when I logged into Facebook a notice popped up that today was the birthday of my cousin, Mary.  The significance of this is even more unique when I realized that Mary IS the granddaughter of Agnes and the great-great granddaughter of Emilie.  

From grandmother to granddaughter to granddaughter - from December 16, 1840 to December 16, 1890 to December 16, 19__ (I won't divulge Mary's birth year), three directly linked women have shared the same birthday.  What a special connection for all three.

Now will the trend continue?  That remains to be seen!!!

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This is so interesting! My brother is into genealogy, also, and he has blessed our family so much by sharing all of his findings with us. It is really truly amazing! I was so happy and grateful to see that you had visited my blog, and I hope we can stay in touch! I misplaced your card and couldn't find your email address and was wanting to drop you an email to keep in touch! So, I am so thankful you stopped by! Hopefully, I will come across your card, or if you have my email address and would like to communicate that would be wonderful. God bless you, Cheryl!