Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kramp Family Inquiry from Germany

I am always excited when I see German readers in my Site Meter and hold out hope that someone is reading something of interest to THEM which will motivate them to contact me.

The other day I had an interesting e-mail as follows:

my name is Shari and i am 17 years old and i come from germany, so i am sorry for my english ;-)
this article is amazing! a few weeks ago i started to find out something about my familiy, about my grand-grandma and so on. well, her name was Bertha Kramp, too. Her husband named August and they lived in the todays poland, so pommern. when i read this article i thought: oh my gosh, this cannot be true, could it? are YOU part of my family?
i am a litte bit shocked right now ;-) but something doesnt fit in this wohle thing: the daughter of my grand-grandma Bertha Kramp, named Waltraud Kramp... do you might forgot a child? i dont know.. but if you leave this thing out, everything fits! its unbelivable.

maybe you could sent me a mail with your answer? i would be very very pleased!


I can feel this Shari's excitement and how I wish I had developed an interest in genealogy at the age of 17. I would have had so many more opportunities to quiz 3 of my grandparents as to their memories.

Unfortunately, Shari posted a comment on my blog as "anonymous" and did not give an e-mail address. There is no way for me to contact her.

Shari - if you are reading this, contact me again but include an e-mail address. I would certainly respond to you if I had a way to do so.

Hopefully, I will hear from this young girl again.