Friday, February 22, 2013

End of a Kolberg Generation

On my Schulte surname side I have two first cousins.  My mother, on her Kijak surname side, had 3 first cousins.  My grandmother, however, on her Kolberg surname side had 67 first cousins!  That's correct there were 68 children from 7 Colberg/Kolberg brothers.  After many years of research on my Kolberg line I have been able to collect data on each and every one of these first cousins of my grandmother.

Today in the newspaper I was saddened to read of the death of my grandmother's last remaining first cousin.  Over the years that I have lived back in my home town of St. Joseph I was able to interact frequently with this cousin and developed a fondness for her.  She was blessed to reach the age of 95 and when thinking of this, what can one say about somebody who lived to that age and will be remembered fondly by many.

Mildred Helen Grace Kolberg was born on August 22, 1917 in Stevensville, Berrien County, Michigan to Paul Kolberg and Augusta Zuhl.  She was their 10th and final child.  When Mildred was only 19 months old her mother passed away and she was raised by a combination of her father, her three older brothers and their wives and was very close to her next oldest brother who always was very protective of her.  On November 17, 1962 she was married to Charles Herman Price and they had 49 years together before Charles passed away in February of 2012.  I believe her sorrow at losing her partner of many years hastened her death though, again, I will say what more can someone ask than 95 years of life.  Mildred had a beautiful smile which she was always ready to give another and she had a strong personality and faith.  She will be remembered.

             Charles & Mildred Price
                   ca 1990


Family of Friedrich Wilhelm Colberg, Jr.:
  • Martha Marie Franziska Colberg (1882-1882)
  • Paul Willy Colberg (1883-1886)
  • Fritz Wilhelm Colberg (1885-1886)
  • Erich Ernst Franz Colberg (1886-1887)
  • Ernst Friedrich Paul Colberg (1888-1888)
  • Max Friedrich Adam Colberg (1889-1889)
  • Clara Marie Emilie Colberg (1893-1893)
  • Max Erich Colberg (1899-after 1913)
  • Anna Meta Therese Colberg (1901-after 1915)
  • Paul Otto Colberg (1903-after 1917)
  • Helene Martha Minna Colberg (1905-after 1919)
Family of August Gottlieb Kolberg:
  • Paul Louis Robert Kolberg (1879-1879)
  • Hedwig Johanne Auguste Kolberg (1880-1956)
  • Berta Hermine Franziska Kolberg (1883-1883)
  • Frederick Gustav Emil Kolberg (1886-1887)
  • Amelia Alvina Henreitta Kolberg (1887-1963)
  • Kurt Paul Hugo Kolberg (1890-1935)
  • Robert Ernest Paul Kolberg Sr. (1892-1950)
  • Hugo Otto Heinrich Kolberg (1894-1951)
  • Ella Emma Louise Kolberg (1895-1973)
Family of Heinrich Carl Kolberg:
  • Johann Charl Kolberg (1883-1883)
  • Carl Heinrich Kolberg (1885-1885)
  • Hertha Emilie Katherina Kolberg (1886-1976)
  • Alexander Otto Paul Kolberg (1889-1965)
  • Heinrich Friedrich Ernest Kolberg (1892-1966)
  • Retha Lina Minna Kolberg (1894-1947)
  • Ortha Amalie Friederike Kolberg (1895-1966)
  • Erick Carl August Kolberg (1896-1897)
  • William Louis Julius Kolberg (1898-1947)
  • Bentha Bertha Alwine Kolberg (1900-1989)
  • Arnold Albert Emil Kolberg (1901-1957)
  • Gerhart Walter Hugo Kolberg (1903-1966)
  • Esther Maria Helena Kolberg (1905-1988)
  • Lorenz Gustav Johann Kolberg (1907-1983)
  • Ralph Nelson Ferdinand Kolberg (1914-1915)
Family of  Johann Eduard Colberg:
  • Marguerite A. Colberg (1884-1946)
  • Richard Hugo Georg Colberg (1888-1982)
  • Johanna Helene Marie Colberg (1890-1977)
  • Johannes Colberg (1893-1964)
  • Walter Colberg (1894-1954)
  • Max Colberg (1896-1946)
  • Otto Hermann Erich Kolberg (1904-1937)
  • Charlotte Colberg (1906-1997)
Family of Otto Ferdinand Paul Kolberg:
  • Grace Henreitta Othella Maria Mathilde Kolberg (1893-1986)
  • Frederick A. Kolberg (1894-1978)
  • Victor Henry Kolberg (1896-1993)
  • Orville Carl Julius Kolberg (1904-1973)
  • Viola Elaine Kolberg (1911-1966)
  • Leo Henry Kolberg (1912-1994)
Family of Paul Wilhelm Rudolf Kolberg:
  •  Oscar Otto Gustav Kolberg (1892-1970)
  •  Ralph Heinrich Johann Kolberg (1893-1894)
  • Waldimar August Wilhelm Kolberg (1895-1985)
  • Clarence Heinrich Berthold Kolberg (1897-1989)
  • Lillian Maria Ottillie Kolberg (1899-1905)
  • Leo Otto Edward Kolberg (1902-1903)
  • Ruby Edna Kolberg (1904-1988)
  • Edna Olga Kolberg (1907-1991)
  • Harry Paul Ferdinand Kolberg (1910-1985)
  • Mildred Helen Grace Kolberg (1917-2013)
  • Alvin Albert Kolberg (1921-1984)
Family of Ferdinand Robert Kolberg:
  • Oscar Friedrich Hermann Kolberg (1898-1970)
  • Waldemar Paul Hugo Kolberg (1899-1989)
  • Alfred Paul Ferdinand Kolberg (1900-1995)
  • Selma Anna Helene Kolberg (1901-1988)
  • Gertrud Martha Marie Kolberg (1903-before 1910)
  • Herta Anna Augusta Kolberg (1904-before 1910)
  • Kurt Hugo Max Kolberg (1905-1986)
  • Arthur Ferdinand August Kolberg (1906-1990)
What a glorious reunion they must all be having tonight in heaven!  Rest in peace to all these cousins.

Above photos personal collection of Cheryl Schulte
Copyright (c) 2013, Cheryl J. Schulte